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The project can be supported at any time and in various ways. Below are the ways you can contribute to the project.

Project Requisitions

  • PayPal
  • KZ Card (Kaspi) - 4400430274737391
  • YooMoney - 41001928837376
  • Mir - 2204 1201 0804 5747
  • Donorbox with PayPal / Cards


You can take part in Open SysConf as a guest, volunteer, speaker, or organizer.


  • Guest - a meeting attendee who essentially acts as an observer with the opportunity to ask questions during the designated time as per the meeting agenda.
  • Volunteer - a meeting participant who voluntarily takes part in preparatory and organizational activities.
  • Speaker - a meeting participant who directly shares information and knowledge with all other participants.
  • Organizer - actively participates in preparatory, organizational, and coordination activities related to Open SysConf.


  • SCM - SysAdmin Community Members, these are the individuals who have provided moral, technical, and conceptual support, sometimes even financial, and occasionally just advice to the activities for about 3+ years.